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Shannon D. Hughes

Shannon D. Hughes

Shannon D. Hughes


Started: Jan. 15th 2019



  • CONSULTING: 2 hours
  • SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS: Custom Welcome Flyer
  • PROMOTIONS – over 30 organic likes from our Celebrities, CEO’s and Influencer followers.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Created Custom Show Card for his show “The Movement”
  • CELEBRITY BOOKING: Eric Zuley, CEO of eZWay appears on his show “The Movement” on January 23, 2019.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION: to 10 eZWay Business groups and pages
  •  TEXT CAMPAIGN: Text blast 600 people



Shannon D. Hughes

Pattie Sadler Case Study


Annual Membership and Social Media TV Coaching Client

Generated leads which turned into $15,000 in sales for Pattie’s NLCP Publishing book business. Turned Pattie onto contacts that helps enhance her talk show. Got Pattie TV distribution for her Talk Show. Got her stronger social media visibility and increased her social media following. 100 hours of consulting that proved to be invaluable to her business. Over 10 events, interviews & red carpets

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Distribution for tv show

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