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eZWay Fam Membership

eZWayFam Membership

$100 /Month

  • Promotion on eZWayFam Club fb group to 1400 + members shares, posts and announcements
  • Photo gallery pictures from events posted pictures of you or your clients
  • On gallery
  • Invites and discounts to eZWay related events
  • 1 business card size ad in eZWay Magazine 2 issues
  • Introductions
  • 10% off eZWay services
  • Your spot on the eZWay Wall of Fame after 500 points
One year agreement. Subscriber agrees to our Terms of Service.
eZWay Network Membership

eZWay Network Membership

  • Everything from eZWayfam Plan
  • Promotion on 4 of our groups
  • Promotion on our eZWay TV page
  • Promotion on eZWay Radio Page
  • Promotion on Eric Zuley profile pages
  • Special announcement flyer
  • 25% off eZWay services
  • 4 share requests per month
  • 4 post requests per month
  • 1 blog request per quarter
  • Access to private chat groups
  • 1 podcast per quarter
  • eZWay Wall of Fame eZWay Fam status
  • Event invites comped or discounted
  • Your ad on eZWay Broadcasting
  • Facebook Make Over
  • 1 Quarter page ad in eZWay Magazine 2 issues
  • 1 Facebook live interview per request bi-monthly
  • We keep you relevant on social media and the search engines
  • Mini PR: we will work towards getting you interviews to get you out there
  • We will keep you posted on our sites, groups and pages
  • Your business added to our directory on our site
  • Introductions targeted leads
One year agreement. Subscriber agrees to our Terms of Service.
eZWay Platinum Membership

eZWay Platinum Membership

$10,000 Annually

  • Everything in Fam and Network Membership Plan
  • eZWay Members-Only jacket and Membership Card
  • Your ad will be put in rotation and the impressions monitored on our site. Expect at least 50,000 or more people seeing your ad at the end of the year!
  • Texting system to collect data and follow up
  • Includes a tv show on our network 30 min time slot this creates a new self sustaining income stream from commercial advertising
  • Your commercial put in rotation we will run your commercial 4 times a month
  • You'll get your commercial played on eZWay Radio weekly podcast 1 time a week
  • Increased ad time on our websites and tv
  • 1 Cover of Influential People Magazine
  • 1 Back Cover of eZWay Magazine
  • 1 Full page ad or interview in eZWay Magazine 2 issues
  • Half page and quarter page for entire year
  • Consistent blog posting on
  • Link mentions on other news blog posts
  • You get on the eZWay Wall of fame all year Influencer status
  • We put your business in our business directory
  • We put you on our email news letter every month to 12,000 plus subscribers
  • We will create you a sizzle reel and promote it
  • Consulting time with Eric Zuley and his experts.
One year agreement. Subscriber agrees to our Terms of Service.