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eZWay Access Event Membership Plans

EZWay Access Membership is the most cost-effective option we have to help you gain more followers, more exposure and network with the best, as we help to relieve your stress.

Our EZWAY app and website provide a simple way for our members to be kept up to date on valuable networking events with good pr. Our social media influence and followers support our members for added growth. You will see the results.

All members will be able to earn bonus points to get free tv, radio, magazine media support.

For members $120.00 or above after 3 months of payments, we will give you 1 tv, radio and magazine media service free of your choice.

We can also customize a membership package to best suit your needs. Custom packages start at $350 +

eZWay Marketing + PR Plans

eZWay Promotions Services


Synergize your brand identity across multiple platforms to create a movement that raving customers and fans can get behind.


eZWay Promotions delivers the Ultimate Experience in Social Media Promotions. From video campaigns to fan-base building, reviews, posts, shares, and hashtag campaigns, we’ve got the solutions that garner results.


From Celebrity Endorsements to SEO Search Results linking your company to major brands, eZway Promotions knows how to raise your company’s Klout to get you noticed by all the right contacts and positioned amongst the best.


Without a great plan, your investment is lost. Our Team of Consultants are Master Positionists and Thought Leaders that will Revolutionize Your Business Future.


From Product Placement to Celebrity Endorsements, Commercial time and Ad Space, When We Advertise on our Worldwide Platform – Fans and Customers Respond.


We’ve produced, Partnered, and covered over 2,150 events: fundraisers, award ceremonies, product launches, concert tours, and on some of the biggest red carpets in Hollywood.


We specialize in Content creation commercials, event coverage, television production, live-streaming, and more.


Our team is first rate. With over 2,000 media outlets as affiliates, we can place your brand with A-List Brands and Celebrities to rapidly escalate your Brand Value.

eZWay Promotions is a One-Step Solution Provider

Social Media Marketing and Public Relations (P.R.)

eZWay Promotions is your source for company growth. We help personalities, corporations, and brands connect with and engage their audience for added brand value and growth.

Business Consulting

eZWay Promotions Team has over 14 years of business experience to bring you the most strategic plans and alliances.  With access to over 12,000 B2B providers and corporations, our team of professionals will help you take your business to the next level and beyond…

Promotions and Advertsisng

We go beyond branding to bring you key relationships with celebrities, publications, and corporate brands. We Leverage Your Brand with top-ranked names to increase sales, grow your market share, and enhance your brand power.

Select what you feel you need below and we will create a custom quote to meet your needs. Help us help you! *

Inside Content




eZWay Promotions takes your basic business concept and exposes it to the masses with a custom style and message; creating enviable brand recognition. From celebrity photo ops with your products to employing celebrity ambassadors, event, film, tv, radio, and video product placement, exceptional P.R., and proven sales strategies, eZWay Promotions is your one-stop marketing department.

Website/application development. Graphic Design, and Corporate Identity Creation

Our talented team provides the latest in development and creative technologies to bring your brand to life in all aspects of digital media that you will ever need. With over 20 years of experience in digital media creation our team can create anything you can dream. Let us show you just how powerful this service is and how it can transform your business.

Digital media services we provide

Website design and development
Graphic Design
Mobile application development
Corporate Identity Creation
Logo Creation