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Shannon D. Hughes

Shannon D. Hughes

Shannon D. Hughes


Started: Jan. 15th 2019



  • CONSULTING: 2 hours
  • SOCIAL MEDIA GRAPHICS: Custom Welcome Flyer
  • PROMOTIONS – over 30 organic likes from our Celebrities, CEO’s and Influencer followers.
  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: Created Custom Show Card for his show “The Movement”
  • CELEBRITY BOOKING: Eric Zuley, CEO of eZWay appears on his show “The Movement” on January 23, 2019.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION: to 10 eZWay Business groups and pages
  •  TEXT CAMPAIGN: Text blast 600 people



Frank Shankwitz – Case Study

Frank Shankwitz is an American Hero. Co-Founder of the Make a Wish Foundation.

eZWay Promotions has helped elevate Frank Shanwitz’s brand, preparing for the release of the film about his life, Wish Man.

  1. Currently Airing his film trailer on eZWay.TV for last 3 months.
  2. Consulting.
  3. Booking on Creative SuperNova stage.
  4. B2B Introductions.
  5. Booked him for the Cover of Influential People Magazine.
  6. Presented him with an eZWay Cares Award Rosewood Plaque.
  7. Profile on eZWay Wall of Fame.


Watch the video to hear more about Frank’s eWay Experience.

Watch Eric Zuley introduce Frank Shankwitz on stage at Creative SuperNova:


Frank Shankwitz – cover of Influential People Magazine

Make-a-Wish Co-Creater, Frank Shankwitz interviewed on eZ Talk Live by Eric Zuley and Dr. Danté Sears.

Frank Shankwitz booked on stage at Creative Supernova by eZWay Promotions.

Shannon D. Hughes

Nicholaus Becker Case Study

eZWay Promotions Brings Success and Creates the “GameChanger Records” Phenomenon!


Yet another success story with the humble beginnings of a record label centered on non profit ideals with the artist being the core of the action. watch as eZWay Promotions built a brand, and soon to be household name in music all together.

With the guidance of social media mogul and brand ambassador Eric ‘EZ” Zuley, Nicholai Becker was able to seize the power of the billion dollar relationship equity to build a brand and start his future in music and philanthropy.

  1. Red carpet
  2. Website
  3. Magazine Coverage – Beverly Hills Courier



Keep watching what eZWay promotions is doing to support GameChanger Records and what eZWay Promotions can do to build you or your brand into a success story.

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